Spring-summer for many is associated with a different works on the suburban garden. True, almost all gardeners range of very similar-carrots, potatoes, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers and other simple vegetables, to which we are accustomed. However, in our latitudes can be grown and other very exotic types of crops, which will be no less useful for our body so weakened avitaminosis during this period. Scientists have long proved that the more choices a person has, the greater its hormone of happiness. This particularly affects food. If you have a desktop and a great number of beds of vegetables of all colors and sizes, and live and work on the ground much easier. Besides, if you constantly eat viagra, carrots and cucumbers, the body will lack some vitamins and other surplus. That's why variety in the diet is the first rule for any person, caring about your health. And vegetables is just a fount of vitamins, but many instilled dislike to these products since childhood, that affects their health in adult life. Someone even through the power forced to eat cauliflower or carrots, so after a couple of dozen years they just scares the hell of stalls with colourful and full of vitamins. But literate people know that vegetables are the basis of nutrition, which will allow us to visit doctors less and live longer. And diversify our diets help exotic species of these products, which can grow in our band. First and foremost it is worth planting host romanesco cauliflower. It's just a unique result of crossbreeding of viagra ireland and cauliflower, which contains a lot of vitamins in groups, n and s, and a lot of mineral taste and very tender leaves. Following on the usefulness of go artichokes. Until recently, these buds were used in food only in Italy, but now as a garnish, they can be found in our restaurants and even on advanced gardeners. In the list of useful qualities of this plant consists of a large number of minerals and vitamins, which are terribly useful for our body. Another unique viagra, which is rare in our gardens, but is very useful-asparagus. A few years ago, this plant is considered a delicacy, but now even people with average incomes can buy it at markets and supermarkets. Yet particularly literate people independently grown it on their land. The need for asparagus, it is difficult to overestimate, because it contains almost the entire range of enzymes that are necessary to us. Moreover, this vegetable is still and very tasty and the children enjoyed it is consumed as he merrily crunches when eating.